The basics of a weed grinder

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes started many years ago, and up to these days, it is still being practiced. In fact, it is slowly being recognized in the medical field because of the different health benefits that come with it.

Marijuana can help treat various diseases and most of which are serious ailments such as cancer. For most people who are using it for recreational purposes, they claim that smoking weed helps relieve stress. If you are new to using cannabis, there are a few things that you should know that will help you enjoy it even more.

The use of a weed grinder

Marijuana usually comes in buds, and before you can use it, you have to break it down until it turns into a powder-like form. You can do this with your bare hands, but it would be extremely difficult. Therefore, it is advisable that you utilize a weed grinder.


This piece of equipment can be purchased from smoke shops. You can go to a physical store, or you can also get it from online shops that carry various smoking accessories. But before you make a purchase, it is highly recommended that you visit the site that has the reviews on the different brands of weed grinder. This way, you will see which one will work best for you.

Is it really necessary?

As a newbie, you probably may ask, “Is weed grinder really necessary?” Well, like what we have mentioned above, grinding or crushing Marijuana can be hard. Doing it without a tool may even hurt your fingers, not to mention that it may take time before you can crush the weed that you need for your next smoking session. But if you have a weed grinder, you will be able to speed up the process.

Another benefit of using a weed grinder is that it comes with a kief catcher. You can make use of the kief later on. You can even have it as a topping for your meal.

How to use it

MarijuanaUtilizing a weed grinder is quite simple. First, you have to take its lid off. If you have big buds of Marijuana, then you have to break them down into smaller buds, so they will fit into the crusher. After that, place the buds in between the shredder. Put the lid back on and start rotating it. After a few rotations, you have to check if everything got shredded. If not, then you have to make more rotations.

After you have crushed your herbs, it is essential that you clean the tool.…