How To Hire A Nurse

Before hiring a nurse, you must learn all about them. This is so irrespective of whether you are hiring a nurse for a clinic, hospital or home care. You must get all details about them. You must be aware of how the nurse handles stress. It is a stressful job they are looking for. Hence he or she must be able to handle pressure in the right way. This article will give you some questions you should ask the nurse as an interviewer.

Questions to ask when interviewing a nurse

Tell me more about yourself

The candidate should be able to explain themselves for some minutes without details, not in the resume. At this point be keen to note if they are logical, rational and definite in thinking. Study their body language and communication skills as well.

What are your most significant accomplishments?

Here, look for the accomplishments related to the nursing job. Look for things like working under pressure, long working hours and tough work. The candidate must have been involved directly in the achievement. Either they were a follower or the leader of the group.

Why do you believe that you are qualified for the position?

Be on the lookout for traits such as team play, progressive, management skills, open to change, planning skills, medical skills, and organization.

Can you work under pressure?

Let the candidate give incidences where he worked under a lot of pressure but came out successful. The candidate must be honest and be able to explain how they will handle the same or different situation if it happens in the future.

How do you deal with difficult people and deadlines?

Let the candidate give you events where they had to handle a frustrating assignment. Either when dealing with a group of people or in meeting an individual piece of work by the previous boss. How did they handle the situation and what did they learn from it. You should be looking for positive and negative outcomes.

What are your weaknesses?

Here let the candidate give weakness they have already overcome. Let them narrate how they managed to get over it. The candidate must be realistic and honest with this one.…