Constipation is a digestive condition where the affected suffer tough bowels that happen less frequent. Almost all of us have suffered this condition. It is not a funny one right? Anyone suffering it can do anything to feel better. Bowel movements differ from individuals. This article will give you some home remedies to ease constipation

How to treat constipation

Add fiber to your meals

Fiber acts the roles of cleaning the digestive system. Fiber scrubs off waste particles, food leftovers and soaks up water in the system hence preventing the occurrence of constipation. Foods rich in fiber include almonds, cereals, beans, fresh fruits, vegetables just to mention a few. As you take fiber increase your water intake.

Ginger or mint tea

Research has shown how important ginger and mints her for constipation. The methanol in the mint relaxes the muscles of the digestive system. This allows food movement. Ginger helps the digestive system produce more heat required to speed up the digestive process.

Healthy facts

Oils from olive oil, nuts, and avocados are medically known to lubricate the digestive system hence easing up constipation.

Lemon water

Lemon contains citric acid. The acid stimulates the digestive system and helps flush out harmful substances from the body. Waste is among the harmful substances in the body. Add lemon to your tea in the morning. It will make you drink more water all day which helps in constipation and prevents the condition.


Coffee is known to be an excellent stimulant. It increases the heat produced by the body and increases metabolism. You will visit the toilet more after a cup of coffee. Other hot liquids are of great help as well.


Take as much water as you can all day. A cup of water immediately after waking up helps a lot too. You will not experience constipation if you make it a habit of taking water immediately after bed.


A massage in the abdomen relieves constipation. It stimulates the abdomen intestines which are involved during bowel movements.

Take honey

It is known as a natural lucrative. A cup of honey water helps calm constipations and loosens stool. All the above tips will be helpful if you suffer constipation. One method might not work for you but keep trying until you get the one that works best with you. The good thing with the list is that we can easily access all the products from our kitchen.